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 Task Force Faith Veterans, their Survivors, MIA Families or members of the Army Units of the Chosin Few



In appreciation for your sacrifice at the Chosin and your willingness to share your story, a free copy is available to Task Force Faith Veterans or their survivor and MIA Families.  If you are requesting a free copy, use the Email button.


Please provide the following information:


1.  Name of Veteran  (please note if MIA)

2.  Unit at the Chosin

3.  Your name different

4.  Relationship

5.  Phone

6.  Email

7.  Address



You  receive special pricing  for any additional copies you wish to purchase.  The price is $10 and includes FREE shipping within the US.  Provide Vets name, Unit and your relationship if different  in "Notes to Seller" area







If you want to purchase multiple copies or have copies sent to multiple addresses, please use the order form. 



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