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"May I say it is a work of art. All the maps and true statements from the guys that were there ( priceless). Also it was nice to see faces of friends that served with my husband. We will treasure this wonderfully made piece of History"

Jo Anna Emory [ widow of Arthur R. Emory HvM/31/7]

"I received my copy of Task Force Faith today. It's a powerful story about the 31st RCT. It brought tears when listening to Sgt. Donovan and his comrades-in-arms talked about their experiences and what they had to endure. "

Lorenzo R. Valdez  [Nephew of Cristobal Romo (MIA-Repatriated)]

"I am breathless, GOD BLESS YOU for this closure."

L W Ellison 79/X Corp


"Jerry was so proud to have served with those gallant men. He saw the film before he died and thought it was very well done and very accurate. Thanks to Julie Precious and all her devotion to getting the true story of the Army's side of the Chosin Reservoir Battle told."

Dawn Francois  [widow of Gerard A Francois  Hq3/31/7]


"It is difficult to balance a rational, analytical perspective with the raw emotional experience of war, and I deeply appreciate what Julie Precious has created with so much love and intelligence.  The soldiers’ testimonies and historical context regarding the relentless enormity of what was faced has helped me understand my father’s last days, and I am grateful to all of the individuals who participated with such care in the making of Task Force Faith".    

Catherine MacLean [daughter of Col. Allen D. MacLean, Commander 31st RCT (MIA)]

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